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    Superbly Handcrafted Traditional
    Wooden Bows

Welcome to Cupido Bows

Since building bows became my passion I became a full time bowyer. I have the tendency towards Curly Recurves made by the Eastern Cultures: Scythians, Turks, Mongolians, Korean bows. It fascinated me. I built a lot of moulds and started over a few times to ensure that the end product would be the perfect bow.

After building bows for movies in South-Africa and abroad, the name Cupido Bows was introduced to the world of archery.

Since I started building bows in 2007 my range of different styles of bows expanded. I am proud to be known for bows of outstanding performance.
Woods used in the construction of these bows are selected for their durability, functionality and appearance. I import high quality materials from a number of different countries to ensure outstanding designs for handcrafted, customized bows.e

Some of our reviews...

  • Just received my 60# Scythian. Awesome ! Thank you, Pierre. Johann Potgieter Jan 11, 2016
  • An awesome view from bowyer Pierre de wet. If you want speed, accuracy and Penetration this is it Brendon Scott Aug 4, 2015
  • I have 3 of these bows and I absolutely adore each one. Jaco Coetzee May 13, 2014